What to Do When Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner 


The chance to see that clear summer sky inside your house through a well-washed window is one of the little pleasures we could achieve in life.  

 Professional Window Cleaner

However, achieving this kind of pleasure might need help from professionals.  

If you are hedging your bets about hiring expert window washers in Overland Park and thinking whether you must do it yourself, there are several things to think about before doing the task. Here are some of them: 

  • Quality – Several unprofessional window washers leave streaks you would have to stare at until the next chance you could clean your windows.  
  • Time – Cleaning windows is a task that consumes a lot of time. One of the main reasons why you should hire an expert is for your efficiency and time.  
  • Safety – Do you have the proper tools? Could you clean safely those windows that are hard to reach? 

Once you have chosen to hire an expert window cleaner, here are several things you possibly did not consider doing. Keep in mind that most window cleaners do not include these when they arrive at your home: 

Cleaning the Blinds 

Clean windows could gather the dirt that is removed from the blinds. Thus, clean and dust your blinds before the cleaners arrive if you are planning to have a professional wash the interior of your windows. You could also ask the professional if they could clean the blinds themselves.  

Ask about Unusual Tasks 

Usually, window cleaners would have tall ladders to access hard to reach things inside, aside from reaching high exterior windows. Ask the cleaner how much would it cost to do several other services, whether it is cleaning entryway chandeliers, changing light bulbs, or dusting ceiling fans.  

Transfer Fragile Stuff 

The truth is that accidents do occur, even if the cleaner is very professional and careful. Thus, it would keep the fragile items from getting damaged inadvertently if you move them out of the way. 

Think About your Window Screens 

Generally, screens would be a lot filthier if they are located outside the windows. Thus, it requires more thorough washing than if they were located inside. A thorough procedure would usually involve a cleaning product. On the other hand, a less thorough procedure that works on screens inside would be using just a wet towel and wiping down the screens. 


Almost all window washing services charge by how many panes they would have to clean. Every pane is a piece of glass installed in a frame made out of metal or wood. Several firms charge by the overall square footage of your house. 

Usually, the cost of cleaning a window professionally would run around $2 up to $8 per pane. A house with 20 panes would cost round $41 up to $141 if it would be professionally cleaned.  

With correct tools, self-cleaning windows could be done easier. There are a lot of sites that suggest using dish soap and purchasing a professional squeegee.  

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